ELA Code of Conduct


  • Sportsmanship: ELA “honors the game” by treating teammates, opponents, coaches and referees with respect at all times.  There are no exceptions to this expectation, and behavior in this regard will influence play time.
  • Teamwork: Lacrosse is a team sport, and all players are expected to be team players.
  • Attitude: A positive attitude and demonstration of best effort is expected of all players.
  • Attendance: All players should arrive early in order to be prepared for practice with all required gear in good, safe condition, on and ready to go.  You must let your coach know if you will be late or absent.  Attendance will influence play time.

Attendance + Attitude + Effort + Respect Influence Playtime


  • VOLUNTEER:  We need you.  Badly.  A great way to support your child is to participate in ELA.  We are 100% volunteer operated and need all the help we can get, especially with the Equinox Shootout, our tournament that funds the majority of our operations, and keeps your registration fees so low. You don’t need to know anything about lacrosse to help out.
  • Attend:  Get your child to practice and games on time and ready to play upon arrival.  This helps us make the most of the brief time we have together.  Attendance and timeliness will influence playtime.  It matters.  Please let the coach know if you will be late or absent. And please come to games!  Enthusiastic spectators help elevate the game for all.
  • Support: Be supportive of your child and the team by giving positive reinforcement for learning and enjoying the game.  The positive coaching alliance has found that keeping a ratio of 5:1 sincere, positive to critical comments with youth athletes is ideal for helping them do their best.  http://www.positivecoach.org/parents/
  • Sportsmanship: Please display it at all games, and even in your home when you are watching sporting events. Help us to honor the game with your behavior on the sidelines towards the team, coaches, and officials.
  • Coaching: Do Not  Coach from the sidelines.   Let the coaches coach.
  • Game rules: All parents should read the rules of lacrosse – you will enjoy the game much more if you understand it.

    BOYS http://www.uslacrosse.org/sites/default/files/public/documents/rules/2016-boys-youth-rules.pdf 

    GIRLS http://content.yudu.com/web/y5b2/0A1v7bf/2016GirlsGuidebook/flash/resources/index.htm?refUrl=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.uslacrosse.org%252Frules%252Fgirls-rules

  • Concerns: After a 24-hour cooling off period, any critique, concern, or complaint should be directed in writing to the head coach first.  If the coach is unable to address the parent’s concern, an ELA Board member will become involved.  The coach will be expected to follow up with the parent in writing, and in person, if appropriate, as deemed by that coach.  Many issues can be avoided or resolved through good communication.


  • Communication: Our coaches are expected to be good communicators with parents, players, and board members.  Any important or controversial concerns should be directed to Dave Miceli.
  • Motivation and Organization: Our coaches are expected and trained to be a positive motivator and refuse to motivate through fear, intimidation, or shame. 
  • Sportsmanship: Coaches are expected to treat all players, opponents, and officials with respect at all times.
  • Mastery of skills:  The goal of youth lacrosse is the mastery of skills and acquisition of a love for the game.  If we win, that is a byproduct of mastery.  Kids who are able to master skills will do well on the field, win or lose.
  • Qualifications: Head coaches will be at least Level 1 certified by US lacrosse, and are committed to continuing their education as instructors.
  • Honor the game:  Our coaches will honor the game by conveying their love and respect for lacrosse through adherence to the guidelines of the Positive Coaching Alliance. http://www.positivecoach.org/coaches/  ELA Coaches understand their words can lift up or discourage your child.  Each coach will strive to meet the recommended ratio of 5 sincere, encouraging comments for every critical one.  They will treat your child with respect by expecting the child to show up prepared and on time, ready to deliver their best at every game and practice; teaching and adhering to the rules of lacrosse;  maintaining a safe practice and play environment for all participants; demonstrating good sportsmanship at all times; and continuing to improve their own skills and knowledge of lacrosse and coaching through education, training, and certification. 

ELA Board

Bart Kraft, President & Treasurer                    bkraft@mcmllc.com

Jennifer Allen,Corporate Secretary/Coach        jallen680@comcast.net

Jamie Blake                     blakeperformancetraining@gmail.com

Topsy King, Equipment Manager                     tandaking@comcast.net

Dave Miceli                              dmiceli@burrburton.org

John Moser, Chair Coaches Committee         moserjohn@gmail.com

Ken Stefanak, SHOOTOUT Coordinator                      kstef45@gmail.com

Mark Slade, Coaches Committee mslade@nccvermont.com