Equinox Lacrosse Association
Policy Statement on Playing Time

(This statement is under revision by the Board at this time. 


US Lacrosse Membership

All players must be registered with US Lacrosse before they can participate in Equinox Lacrosse programs.  This membership is now bundled into your registration.

Playing Time

The Board of Directors of the Equinox Lacrosse Association unanimously adopted the following policy regarding the amount of playing time for all members of the youth team.

  1. Winning at all costs is not the policy of this board. Trying to win -and making a concerted effort to win - is necessary simply as a reward to the athlete for his efforts. Trying your best and losing is commendable, should be regarded as such, and reinforced to the athletes as such, but they should also be given every opportunity to achieve a victory.
  2. No athlete will ever be cut from the Equinox Lacrosse Association for perceived lack of ability.
  3. Every member of the Equinox Lacrosse Associations youth team will be given the opportunity to play in each game. The length of time each athlete plays will be determined by the coaches, and the coaches only, with the full support of the Board. It is probable that the older, stronger, and more experienced players will see more time on the field than the younger, less experienced players, and the Board believes this is the natural order of things. As the older players graduate and move on, the younger players will grow and mature and take their place and will in turn be supported by the next generation of younger players. Children make huge strides in growth and development in these years and the physical difference between a fourth grader and a seventh grader is extremely significant. Lacrosse is a contact sport, and to place the younger and smaller athletes on the field against older and larger athletes for extended periods of time is not in anybodys best interest.
  4. It is the right of all parents to voice any concerns they have about the Equinox Lacrosse Association. These concerns should be expressed either verbally or in writing to a member of the Board of Directors. The coaching staff operates on a volunteer basis under the rules of the Association and coaches are not in position to solve any grievance problems