Boys Lacrosse

Boys lacrosse is a contact game played by ten players: a goalkeeper, three defensemen, three midfielders, and three attackmen. The object of the game is to shoot the ball in the opponent's goal.

Each team must keep at least four players, including the goalie, in its defensive half of the field and three in its offensive half. Three players (midfielders) may roam the entire field.

Boys lacrosse begins with a face-off. Players may run with the ball in the crosse, pass and catch the ball. Only thegoalie may touch the ball with his hands.

Body Checking - Contact with an opponent from the front between the shoulders and the waist - when the opponent has the ball or is within five yards of the ball.

Clearing - Running or passing the ball from the defensivehalf of the field to the attack goal area.

Ground Ball - A loose ball on the playing field.


Slashing - When a player's stick contacts an opponent in any area other than the stick or gloved hand on the stick.

Cross Checking - When a player uses the handle of his crosse to make contact with an opponent.

Illegal Body Checking - When an opponent is not in possession of the ball or within five yards; from the rear or below the waist; or above the shoulders.