Girls Lacrosse

Girls lacrosse is a unique combination of teamwork and individual skills. Each team tries to control the ball and score on the opponents goal cage. Lacrosse is a high-scoring, fast-moving game of creativity and finesse.

Girls use innovative stick work, teamwork, communication, speed and agility to gain advantage over their opponents.

The equipment is simple: goggles, mouth guard, and a girls stick are all that is required. Gloves are optional.

The girls game is today played on a 120 x 70 yard field with marked boundaries that include access behind the goal cage. Any pass thrown out of bounds is a turnover.

There are 12 girls on a team: a goalie, four defensive players, three midfielders, and four attack players. The restraining line allows seven field players (not including the goalie) to play in front of the goal at either end. Games are played in 20 or 25 minute halves.

Girls' sticks have a shallower pocket depth than boys so the ball is more accessible to the defense. A poor cradling motion or a sudden movement may cause the ball to fall out of the crosse. Body contact is prohibited in girls lacrosse. At advanced levels of play, stick-to-stick checking is allowed but only in a very controlled fashion. The stick must be kept away from the body and especially the head.