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Dear ELA Family,



 It is with regret that we write to officially cancel the ELA Shootout and the rest of the 2020 youth lacrosse season.   We had hoped to be able to pull off some end-of-the-season heroics to craft some sort of organized, in-person   season, but it’s not to be.  


 Losing a full season of lacrosse is painful for all of us, but especially your kids.  We hope that they are finding time to   add a little lacrosse to every day, especially between snow flurries!



 The board has made a decision to refund all fees except the US Lacrosse Dues (30$).  Please check your mailing   address on our website, as that will be where your check will go.  Equinox Lacrosse will absorb all administrative   expenses of the program through our reserves - about $5,000.  If you have not already paid your registration fee, we   encourage you to join US Lacrosse on your own.  Having a membership (insurance) will enable you to participate in   any summer lacrosse camps or ELA mini trainings in the summer and fall.  It is our intention to run several programs   in the coming months, in compliance with whatever state recreation guidelines are in place, and your child will need   to be insured through US LAX to participate. 


 WHAT NEXT? “LaxAtHome” of course!

 US Lacrosse has recently suffered significant and painful layoffs, yet they have continued to produce outstanding   programming for your children.  Please click this link 

  www.uslacrosse.org and find a way to incorporate some of this excellent material into your lacrosse player’s   spring routine.  


 Training solo can be a lonely business, but it’s also where the magic happens.  Our coaches will always tell you that   it’s what you’re doing at home that propels your game forward.  One of the key elements of a fine lacrosse player is   the refinement of basic skills - scooping, passing, catching, cradling.  All these skills can be mastered at home.  Don’t   let your player get overwhelmed.  Have them set a goal - work on one thing at a time.  Have them track themselves,   so they can see how they are improving.  


  And please consider the following:


  1. Follow US Lacrosse on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - they will be posting lacrosse drills, at-home workouts, stick skill exercises, e-learning and development opportunities, etc.  Encourage your lax player to post pics or videos of their success (Hopefully in some ELA or VT Swag) to @USLacrosse and use #LaxAtHome.  Don’t forget to post the same to ELA’s Facebook page and Instagram. 


  1. Log onto US Lacrosse - on the home page, you will find LaxAtHome.  There you will see resource links for “Athlete” “Parent” “Coach” and “Official.”  Pick your section and dive into the varied and interesting resources that fit your lacrosse role.


  1. Think good thoughts about being together sometime this summer, passing a ball around a perfect, green, grassy field in the Manchester valley!  It will be GREAT!



  All of us at the ELA Board send our best wishes to your families.  We know all your lives have changed in a million        different ways these past weeks.   We are sorry to not be together in the Rec this year, but hope you find some           exhilaration and inspiration outdoors until we meet again on the field. 

  In the meantime, Honor the Game in your backyard and hearts.


 The Equinox Lacrosse Board


  Bart, Jen, John, Ron, Topsy, Frank, Ken, Jamie, and Dave






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